Selecting White Paint

Not all whites are created equal! In fact, there are more white paint color options than any other color. Needless to say, the options can be overwhelming. Every home needs some form of white. When I work with clients on selecting paint colors for their home, I always select a white for trim, doors, built-ins/cabinets and ceilings.

There are basically 4 types of white. Pure white, off-white, cream and tinted whites. In the Benjamin Moore whites below, you can see the base color for each drop of paint. Pure White, doesn’t look so “pure” does it? Though Pure White does have a gray cast when it is exposed to a white background, it is terrific in combination with cool grays and blacks. White Dove is the most neutral in this selection of whites. It’s my go to for trim, ceilings and cabinets. Acadia White is a creamy white and pairs nicely with warm beige and browns. The truest of all the whites, is Chantilly Lace.

Designer tip: Put a “white” paint chip up to a white piece of paper to see the true undertone.

Happy painting!

white (1).png

The Value of an Accent Wall

Master Bedroom Painting Project.png

We downsized our home by half, a little over a year ago. Needless to say, we purged a lot of our belongings including furniture. This whole process has been of great value to our family and we live a lot closer now. Most days, we love it! Our kids are teenagers and they have learned the value of having just what you use, and not needing a lot of extras. Their rooms are right down the hall from the living space and I don’t have to yell or haul myself up the stairs to check in on them. This move has allowed us to do more traveling with them. Last summer we took them to Costa Rica for 2 weeks, traveling with backpacks, avoiding the resorts, and staying in hostels. This summer, we will visit Paris. At this point in our lives, time and experiences with them fills our hearts.

With our new home, there is a long list of projects and updates that we will tackle little by little in the next couple of years. One of the first and cheapest for me (I am odd, and really like to paint walls) is repainting the whole interior 2500 sq ft. I started with the master bedroom. The walls were an original flat white paint and I couldn’t stand the look any longer! With the painting over the bed, “Sampson’s Sun” that I did when we lived in Colorado, I wanted a pop of color for the backdrop, so I chose Dunn Edward’s Hickory Cliff. Its a terrific plumb shade. The color that I painted the remaining walls, and will carry throughout the rest of the house is Dunn Edwards Crystal Haze. It’s a beautiful neutral that will really lighten up the interior. Living in Arizona, we have a lot of windows with white shutters and dark wood floors everywhere, with the exception of the carpeted bedrooms. You can see in the before picture of the master bedroom, there isn’t anything interesting about the walls, but with the Hickory Cliff addition, everything pops! I love it! Next, the bathroom needs to be updated and the carpet replaced. But for the progress of the wall paint, I am loving this room!