What is Virtual Staging? 

Virtual Staging digitally imposes furniture on top of the photograph. These photos can then be used in marketing materials to make the property more desirable. Vacant property listings are a great candidate for Virtual Staging. The overall presentation of the home is improved and the buyer can visualize how to arrange the furniture within the space.

Virtual Home Staging is ideal for vacant listings, custom built listings, or listings with poorly laid out or outdated furniture.

Virtual Staging Service

Using your properties professional photos, I digitally impose the furniture and accessories on top of the image. Once the Virtual Staging is complete, you will be able to use the photos in MLS and print. Finished quality will be 250 dpi. With your virtually staged photos, you will also receive a customized single property website link that you can share with your prospective buyers. This allows buyers to imagine the property as their own, rearranging and changing the furniture in the virtually staged rooms. An invaluable sales tool for any Real Estate professional!

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1 Virtually Staged Photo $75

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3 Virtually Staged Photos $220



Frequently asked questions

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging digitally imposes furniture and accessories on top of the photograph to create photo-realistic, high quality, beautiful, life-like rooms.

Why would I use Virtual Staging?

Consider your listing’s online presence the first showing. You won’t get a second chance to make a great first impression!

Won’t buyers be disappointed when they enter the house to see it empty?

Virtual Staging is no different than the agent using photos of the home when it was occupied, after the owner has moved out.

Who is a good candidate for Virtual Staging?

Vacant listings, custom built listings, listings with outdated or poorly laid out furniture. If cost is a consideration in traditional Home Staging, Virtual Staging is the best approach for marketing a vacant home.

How will Virtual Staging benefit me?

  • Properties are more marketable - Enhancing the best features of the property, rather than the owners decorating style.

  • They stand out from competing properties - Staged properties are viewed more often than unstaged properties.

  • Buyers envision the property as their own - They can visualize the space and the furniture arrangement.